How Flat? More Flat!

  • The Patented Full-Track Blade System Makes the Concrete Surface More Flat
  • Special Design for the Variable Speed Clutch Gives Higher Blade Speed (up to 200rpm) and More Convenient Operation.
  • Changing Blades More Conveniently with the Single-Bolt Blade Assembling System.
  • Double-Safety System Measuring up with European Safety Standard Provides You More Security as the Full-Track exceeds the Standard.

How Rigid is Rigid?

  • More Attention to Detail
  • All Full-Track Trowels have a Shock Absorber System Under the Engine which Reduces Most of the Vibration Produced by the Engine and Ensures the Quality of the Trowelling Process.
  • The Full-Track┬áSystem Uses a Rigid Adjustment Pitch Control instead of the Traditional Cable to Avoid Angle Changes of the Blade.

Quality in Material, YES

  • Top-Ranking Material, Excellent Techniques, Trustful Full-Track Services and Quality!
  • The Handle is Made of Best Quality Stainless Steel and is Completely Maintenance Free.
  • The Safety Ring is of Special Powder Coating to Avoid Water and Rust.
  • The Use of Black Chemistry Process on Material to Harden the Spider Arm and Avoid Rust.
  • Blades are Made of High-Quality Spring Steel and Have Longer Life Span. (Up to 3000-4000 M2)
About the Patented Full Track System