The Patented Full-Track Blade System

As people working in the concrete industry, we have always searched for new systems that allow us to trowel industrial concrete floors faster and more efficiently.

After decades of hands-on experience in the industry, we know exactly where improvements should be made.

The Patented Full-Track System finally puts an end to this search; in fact the new Full-Track System represents the ultimate “evolution” of the industry.

Our system offers numerous benefits and finally allows you to work faster, easier, and safer.

Easier | Faster | Safer

Blades can be changed swiftly and easily by releasing only One Single Bolt from the end of the attachment arm which is accessible at all times; even with the guard ring still attached to the machine.

Since the guard ring remains attached to the machine, it greatly reduces potential hazards to the operator.

Lower Deviation

The Full-Track’s attachment arms are longer than other machines and positioned slightly out of their axle. This design provides constant and simultaneous pressure on all four blades. This means a significant reduction in deviation.

The Full-Track’s blades are embedded directly in the attachment arms. As a result, the entire machine becomes one solid rigid unit that can create a much flatter surface that exceeds the full disc/pan.

The Full-Track’s trowel machine arms and spiders are made of the best quality steel available and is almost maintenance-free.