The Worlds Fastest Ride On

This Ride On has the capability to produce the FASTEST & SMOOTHEST finish to a concrete floor in the world. Measuring at a staggering 11Ft Long with 3300LBS of Ruggedness running an 87HP Kubota Engine with Dual Rotors holding 6 Blades a piece with only 4" gaps between rotors - you are destined for a finish beyond your expectation

As like with the Walk Behind Trowels the Tarantula uses the same Patent System producing the flattest floors possible of any trowels in the world and running at 200RPM of variable speed.

The Ride On is capable of full width trowelling with long lasting blades of any trowel blades in the world. Our blades are changeable in record time and sets apart from the rest.

The Tarantula is a MADE TO ORDER machine and can only be viewed in our Belgium Headquarters - please contact us directly at for more information.

Finance Is Available