Full Weight Distribution For Even Finishes

Flatter and Faster

Full-Track has a PATENTED Spider Attachment Arm with the Stabilizer Ring mounted to the top of each arm.

All individual arms can not alter its own orientation alone without changing the rest of the other arms and blades.

All of the blades utilizes the full weight of the machine that will cut out all high spots and move the excess concrete to the low spots, creating a flatter surface.

This reduces the time required to get a flatter surface!

Guaranteed Flatter Finish in Far Less Time!

Strength & Quality - Minimal Maintenance

The Spider and Attachment arms are made of very hard steel which is wear resistant. The attachment arms are tough to bend.

If maintained & greased routinely, there will be almost no wear and will continue to fit tightly in the swivel area so the blades will remain flat at all times.

Easier with a Much Faster Change of Blade System

With just One Bolt at the end of each Spider Arm, the blade can be easily removed, rotated or replaced. In case there is a need to use any other brand of blades in your inventory with Full-Track system, you simply fasten them to our adapters (pictured below) and affix them to your Full-Track machine (Be aware that many other blades are not designed to withstand the Full-Track system’s higher spider rpm’s).

Adapters for 48” and 36” Units